Culture of Wellness

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Wellness is such an expansive concept, it’s a shame that most senior living communities define it so narrowly. As if being well requires only a toothy smile and a comfy lounge chair. That cruise-ship lifestyle makes for pretty pictures, but it often lacks the depth and opportunities for growth that many of us crave later in life.

At Willamette View, wellness has no limits. Our commitment to helping you engage your mind, body and spirit runs deep and wide, through our community and through everything we do. Our culture of wellness is built on the knowledge that staying physically active and socially engaged leads to better health. That explains why our swimming pool is always bustling and our volunteer hours are off the charts.

But being truly well isn’t just about us. It’s about how we connect with friends and lift up the people who need our support. When you find a community that shares those ideals, aging expands from a solo effort to a journey among peers. Your relationships are richer, and so is your life.