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Refreshing Changes for Willamette View’s Much-Loved Libraries

Willamette View is a community of readers. Need proof? You’ll find it in a new report from the Library Committee—a group of residents dedicated to continually renewing and improving our three libraries in the Court, Manor and Terrace.

The eight members of the Library Committee are among more than three dozen residents who together run the Willamette View libraries. Through their efforts over the past two years, the libraries have been reborn—with new carpets, spruced-up furnishings and the automation of the library catalogs. As of April 2015, residents have been able to go online, through the resident portal at willametteview.org, to see what books are available.

More facts about residents’ reading and library habits from the Library Committee’s 2015 Annual Report:

  • In 2015, Willamette View residents checked out more than 6,000 books.
  • Fiction and mysteries were their most popular picks.
  • Large print books were more popular than regular print books.
  • Together, WV’s three libraries circulated an average 15 books per resident for the cost of buying one book per resident ($25).
  • The libraries’ combined budget in 2015 was $12,000.
  • In 2015, WV purchased 435 new books and received 302 as donations.
  • WV has a total library collection turnover rate of 1.1, which means that on average every book was checked out at least once.
  • Twelve volunteers helped automate the collection. They spent at least 10 minutes per book on the task, a total of 750 volunteer hours. This doesn’t count volunteer hours spent on weeding out outdated books or processing new books.
  • Coming soon: The 2016 budget for the libraries includes a proposed gift of $1,400 to pay for rolling book carts to house “grab and go books.” There also are plans for new online public access catalogs (OPACs) in each of the three libraries.
  • Download the full report here


Library Committee members: 

Anita Stone Pat Fisher
Cecile Baril Paul Fiske
Lynda Warren Sandie Helmick
Mary Norman Wyma Rogers
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