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Willamette View’s newest phase built with environmental sustainability in mind

When he hears words like “climate change,” Mike Litt thinks about his children and grandchildren and how he wants them to live in a healthy world.

But, even now, he sees the effects. As a resident of Portland’s Willamette View senior living community, he likes to spend time skiing, but there have been several recent winters where there hasn’t been enough snow. During the summers, Litt enjoys biking, but he was sidelined a bit last season on days when the air was too smoky.

“People are still saying we can’t afford to fight climate change,” said Litt, “but it’s going to be much more expensive if we don’t.”

As a member of Willamette View’s “Green Team,” Litt—along with fellow residents and a team of leaders in the community’s administration—is making an effort to create a planet-healthy and sustainable campus.

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