Pets Welcome

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Pets enrich our lives and life at Willamette View. We know they help us lead happier, healthier lives: research shows that pet owners are less likely to be depressed and more likely to exercise on a regular basis. We welcome pets in many buildings, with some restrictions.

All traditional house pets are welcome in many independent living settings. The four pet-friendly neighborhoods are Homes on River Ridge. And the 47 North Pointe Homes, opening in early 2019, will be pet-friendly, too.

Service dogs are welcome throughout the campus. A service dog trained and required to assist with a documented disability is not subject to Pet Policy procedures.

Pet Policy procedures include a one-time non-refundable assessment fee, collected when a traditional house pet moves into a designated pet-friendly residence. Also, we ask each owner to submit a written affidavit attesting to a pet’s personality, behavior, hygiene and social appropriateness for community life.