Moving Vs. Staying

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There’s no avoiding it: Moving – at any stage of life – is an enormous decision. There are positives on every side, and you’re smart to consider all the options.

Come visit us, to talk with a Willamette View counselor or for an overnight stay. We have decades of experience helping people make the choice that’s right for them. Wherever you land, we submit that the best environment is the one that enables you to live your fullest life now, to keep doing what you want on your own terms and to always move forward.

Moving vs. Staying: Some things to consider

Your current living situation probably was a good fit for a long time. But circumstances change, and where you’ve always been may not be the best environment for living your fullest life now. Think about all the life experiences you would’ve missed if you had never moved out of your parents’ home, bought the house where you raised a family or seized the job opportunity that ultimately defined your career. The same is true for moving on later in life – it can open new doors, not only to a new home but to new friends and experiences.

Letting go feels great. When we talk about letting go we’re often talking about physical things, the house and furnishings that represent a well-lived life. But these things aren’t your life; your life is the people you love and how you spend your days. Letting go of the belongings and responsibilities that have piled up over the years frees up the time, space and energy to focus on yourself, your health and on living the rest of your life as fully as possible.

Do your homework. Research housing options, visit several locations and talk to lots of people to get different points of view. Most importantly, ask questions. You’re not simply checking out a new home – you’re searching for the community and culture that is right for you. Then you’ll feel prepared to select the living environment that will best meet your needs, now and in the future.

Take us for a test drive. Come visit us, talk to the residents and staff, or stay overnight to experience life at Willamette View and see for yourself the benefits of a community lifestyle. We are here to help you find the answers, no matter what you decide.

If you find you’re not ready to make a move, Willamette View Home Care can provide support where you live now, from occasional assistance with weekly errands and doctor’s appointments to around-the-clock personal care. Learn Why Willamette View In-Home Care may be the best choice to meet your current needs.