What to Expect

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Change can be daunting, especially when it feels forced upon you. But when you’re driving the change, it’s a different story. Change becomes a second chance, an opportunity. We think you’ll be surprised at the rewarding changes that come with aging in the right environment -- the new joys and abilities that you’ll discover, as well as the freedom to embrace them.

What doesn’t change is you. You don’t look like you did 20 years ago, much less 40 years ago. Your younger self couldn’t have imagined the life you live now. Yet the essential “You” is right where it’s always been – fully present, ageless and timeless. Sure, age is more than a number. But you are still you.

What others can’t see will set you free. Truth be told, aging can make us feel invisible. Yet invisibility in the right hands is powerful stuff – the freedom to no longer care about what others think of you or whether you’re living up to their expectations.

Unreasonable happiness? It’s (finally) all up to you. When we’re young, happiness is often tied to what we’ve achieved and what other people think. As we age, we have the opportunity to develop an inner life that isn’t dependent on external factors. We may find happiness in acceptance; we may discover joy in new ways of thinking and being.

There is no “too old” to learn new tricks. When old abilities and ambitions recede, they make room for new capabilities. These can be tangible, such as finally having the time to learn to play an instrument or master a new language. Or you may feel yourself changing on the inside, like the lifelong worrier who learns to ease up, or the high achiever who discovers a capacity to enjoy experiences that can’t be measured in wins and losses.

Now you get it. Suddenly, without knowing how or why, you know things. You understand why certain doors closed to you in the past, while others opened. You are better at determining what’s worth your time, how to forgive and when to draw boundaries. We all know aging presents obstacles. But the wisdom and perspective that comes with it can also be the means to finding life’s answers.