How the CCRC Fees Work

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A CCRC like Willamette View is not just another neighborhood. Everything about it has been designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s seniors -- for housing, active living and health care. Similarly, the CCRC fee structure is unique, and you’ll want to take some time to learn about it and other important financial aspects of CCRCs.

We invite you to explore the resources below for help with the planning and selection process. You can also schedule a tour or call us with any questions about Willamette View’s financial strength and strategic plan. 

CCRC Fee Structure: Entrance Fees and Monthly Fees
Most CCRCs require payment of a one-time fee, usually called the entrance fee, before moving to the community. The entrance fee often depends on the size, style and location of the apartment or home (with larger residences requiring a larger fee) and agreement type. State regulations can impact the terms of the entrance fee and in some states, refunds are called rebates. 

Monthly fees are sometimes referred to as service fees or accommodation fees. In some CCRCs the monthly fee is the same regardless of the level of care. In others, including Willamette View, the monthly fee varies depending on the level of care provided; the size, style and location of the apartment or home; and the number of people – single or double occupancy. 

For more information about CCRC fees and other financial aspects of CCRCs: