Pricing Options & Benefits

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We offer a broad spectrum of distinct living environments at Willamette View, with a range of prices and benefits to match. Moving here isn’t simply about relocation -- it’s your investment in a larger life, free of the responsibilities and worries about the future that keep you from doing more of what you love. When you add it all up, the right fit may be more affordable than you think.

Exact entrance or move-in fee pricing, and the monthly fee, is determined at the time of apartment or home reservation. We determine pricing based on the type, size, location, features, view and amenities of the selected residence, as well as the number of occupants. The one-time, non-refundable move-in fee is calculated based on the resident or residents’ entrance fee.

Call us at 503-654-6581 so we can understand your needs and help find the right fit for you.