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Downsizing and relocation can be difficult -- no doubt about it. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by to-do lists and details. But after decades of helping seniors manage this transition, we know these are temporary obstacles.

We can remove barriers and make the process easier with resources and support when you need it. Rely on us for help with the work of making the move so you can keep moving forward -- into your new life at Willamette View.

Get started by setting a target date for your move. Give yourself plenty of time for the sorting and downsizing process. This will allow you the chance to grieve your losses, but also to contemplate and look forward to the changes ahead, to new friends and new interests.

Even as you rid yourself of some physical belongings, you’ll know your life is actually expanding. That’s because this move is more than physical. It’s also your best opportunity to stay independent, active and engaged in the years to come.